Bubble Wrap Board!

The text might be a little hard to read but it says, “A little stress relief before finals.” I hope you all enjoy the new bulletin board because very few things are more fun than bubble wrap! So now there is a board covered in it right by the recycling room.


Service Auction

I know I saw a few of you down in the Cave for this great event, and whether you were there for the whole time or just stopped in to see what was going on I’m glad that you could come. The Morrow Hall Service Auction was a great success this year raising over $1300 dollars for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Thanks to everyone who showed up for their support for this wonderful event.

Distinguished Lecturer

Hello again members of 4 West! In case you missed the 2015 distinguished lecturer here is a little update on what he talked about. Baxter’s presentation was very funny and was filled with small anecdotes about his life. His major message though was that America needs to keep people on the farm and that sustainable farming needs to be properly defined. He said that America’s farmers need to keep their farms operational in their families or to hire people that will continue to run their farm. He also said that sustainable farming needs to be defined as farming to feed your family and the other 98% and not farmer’s markets. Overall, Baxter Black was a great speaker for the 2015 distinguished lecturer and in celebration of 100 years of the agriculture program here in Platteville.

Engineers Have Fun Too!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the spaghetti tower challenge! We had a great time, as you can seeĀ (click on post to view image), building towers and eating marshmallows. I hope you all had as much fun as I did learning how to make a structure that can support a huge marshmallow on top. Unfortunately, due to weather the egg drop was cancelled but thanks to everyone who said they were going to participate in that as well.