United We Stand: Caroline Spencer

Tonight I saw an interesting speech by Caroline Spencer. She is from Madison Wisconsin and runs her own workout studio, Power Thru Pilates. She has completed a crazy amount of marathons and endurance races. For her speech she told us about her many challenging events and how she got through them.

Most of her speech definitely focused on the things that she did and how those races brought her up to today. One of the most inspiring things she talked about was completing her 6, 100 mile endurance races, and she described how those affect your body and everything you have to do to make it through one of those races. One of the other inspiring things she talked about was when she ran the Boston Marathon when the bombing occurred. Throughout her speech she really stressed that all throughout her life she was just an average athlete and that if you put your mind to it that you can accomplish anything. She encouraged all of us to try something that we’ve never done and take that chance, although she said that we didn’t have to do something necessarily athletically related. Overall she was a very interesting speaker who has accomplished many interesting and impressive feats throughout her life.


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