4 West Goes Bowling

On Tuesday night tenĀ 4 Westians went bowling and had a great time taking advantage of the special of $1.75 per game. Everyone who went had a pretty great time. One of the lanes started doing a little extreme bowling to make things interesting which included some crazy trick shots… I’m not going to say they worked particularly well but it looked fun!


Bubble Wrap Stress Relief

This past week I put up little squares of bubble wrap for stress relief before finals. I hope everyone enjoyed their little square because it seems that most of them have been popped already. If anyone needs anymore bubble wrap feel free to come see me because I definitely have some extra.

Star Wars Holiday Special 12/9/15

On Wednesday, December 9th a brave group of men attempted to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special. In this harrowing journey most made it all the way through but there were some who fell along the way. Bobby one of the fallen claimed to leave because of homework but none can ever say if this was the real reason. It could have been that it was just too horrible to watch. Overall the Holiday Special was an experience like no other, that no one will soon forget.