Curt Patrouille Speech

This past Sunday Curt Patrouille came to Platteville to speak to us about his life experiences. His main topic throughout his talk was about adversity and how we can all overcome it through resilience. I think that his talk was really quite inspiring and that everyone could benefit in some way from hearing about it.

One of his main points that he hit on was that everyone is resilient and that everyone shows that in different ways. ┬áHis biggest talking point was that we need to spend more time looking at the good things in our lives and realizing that no day is a bad day. I thought he summed up resilience really well when he gave a metaphor about three different things going into a pot of boiling water. The first thing that went in to the water was a carrot, and before it went in it was strong and rigid but after it was weak and soft. Second an egg went in and it appeared hard on the outside but was soft on the inside. When it came out of the water its soft heart was hardened. Lastly some coffee beans went in and they didn’t come out but they made the water into coffee. This is showing how we can deal with a difficult situation. We can either have it affect us or we can adapt ourselves to the harsh environment and affect it instead.

Overall, I thought he was a great speaker and if anyone ever gets the chance to see him speak I would highly encourage you to go.


Speech Bubble Door Decs

Here are some great door decs for you guys. I’ve already seen some great uses of them and heard some great comments. So now everyone has their own little white board of their own. I fuond some pretty fancy white board paper that was then shaped into these little thought bubbles. I hope you all enjoy them!