Favorite Color

This board has a list of colors and what they say about you. Now these colors are by no means exactly what your personality might be like but it is interesting to see if there is any correlation. The colors appearing on this board are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, and grey. I hope you all find this experience fun and interesting and that it tells you a little about yourself.


Good Study Hobbits

On this board there are ten helpful tips for you to help you study. (And it’s hobbit themed) ┬áSo feel free to check it out! There are some great tips for any upcoming midterms or any finals, because those are closer than you think. Be sure to get some great hobbits, I mean habits, from this board.

St. Patrick’s Day Board

Here is a great board for you to educate yourself further on St. Patrick’s Day and the culture of the Irish. On this board there are a few of the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day and the symbols that are representative of the Irish culture. There are also a few Irish names and their meanings as fun little facts. I hope you all enjoy learning about this different culture through some fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day.

Frisbee Golfing

Four of us ended a going Frisbee Golfing a few days ago. We had a great time and really enjoyed the early spring weather. As you can see it was absolutely gorgeous outside! We didn’t really keep track of score but you don’t have to when you are playing for fun. I hope to go out and play some more with them soon!

Wing Dinner

A little while back now my wing had a great time at GWAM for dinner. There was a wide range of topics discussed, such as: Dragon Ball Z, League of Legends, and Freedom! Everyone had a great time and some mediocre food but it all ended up going well for the 6 members of my wing that attended and a few others from other wings and halls.

Stan Pearson

The other day we went to here Stan Pearson speak and he was amazing. He is a huge advocate for for finding your inner “sexy”. This basically means being ok with who you are as a person both inside and out.

His main talking points for us were building confidence in yourself from the bottom up and he used a great metaphor to explain this. His metaphor is that you need support in your life to make it through a lot of things and many people are trying to build skyscraper lives on a foundation of a five story house which isn’t possible. He says if you want a skyscraper life you will need skyscraper support. Overall he was a great speaker who really taught us a lot about finding our “sexy”.