DBZ Abridged

After we were done playing Quidditch we came back inside where I convinced some people to watch Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Everyone really enjoyed the parody and I may have gotten them hooked to watch more of the series later. In just the last few days I have heard a lot of them quoting it and laughing at the great moments throughout.



Myself and a few of my residents went down to join in the Quidditch fun on Saturday. We joined them for their last game which was going very well for our team. We had been up for the vast majority of the game and given maybe a few more minutes we could have had enough points to still win even if they found the Snitch. But we were not so lucky and the other team got to the Snitch first, clinching their victory. There was a lot more running than I originally expected but it was still really fun and I’m glad that we showed up.

Jenny’s Wedding

Last Wednesday we put on a program for pride week by showing Jenny’s Wedding. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from this movie and it showed me a side of the LGBT community that I wasn’t expecting. This movie is predominantly about the parents and family of Jenny who struggled to come out to them. When she finally decides to tell them her parents reject her and the rest of the movie is about their struggle of accepting her and finally realizing that she is their daughter regardless of how she feels. Overall, this was a great movie that presented a side of an LGBT person’s life that is often not shown.


E-Day was a great success! The turnout wasn’t the best but the programs and activities were amazing. Everyone had fun making bridges and breaking cans of pop. I want to give a special thanks to all of those residents that did show up and have some fun during the lunch and other activities throughout the afternoon.


The ten of us that went and played football on Sunday afternoon had a great time! We were at the rugby field on the warmest day of the year so far. So we played for about an hour and then had a field goal kicking competition afterwards. The game was a little lopsided in score but everyone had fun.