About your RA



My name is Austin Rickertsen and I will be your Resident Assistant on Morrow Hall’s West wing of 4th floor. I am currently a Sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering, and I’m from a small Eastern Iowa town called Calamus.

My favorite hobby is golf, as you will be able to tell by my numerous polo shirts you’ll see me in. I also enjoy many other activities that can be done here on campus. Some of those include disc golf, volleyball, pool, ping pong, board games, and card games. Pretty much any physical activity or sport is a good time for me, so if you asked me to do something as simple as throwing a Frisbee or doing some geocaching, I would most likely say, “Let’s go!”

I am open to learning about any new games or interests that you might have, so feel free to ask me to join because I’d be happy to learn.

I look forward to meeting everybody and getting to know you all. Go ahead and stop by my door anytime. I’ll have it open whenever I’m available in my room. If you don’t see me and have questions, feel free to e-mail me at rickertsena@uwplatt.edu

Thank you and let’s have a great year!

Austin Rickertsen

RA Morrow Hall, 4 West, Room: 409



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