About your RA

chirs hirsch 2

Hi my name is Chris Hirsch and I will be serving as your Resident assistant on 4 West of morrow hall this year. As of this year I am a sophomore majoring in Electrical engineering.

Some of my interests include Hammocking (I REALLY REALLY LIKE HAMMOCKING, sorry internal thought), Reading, Disc golf, VIDEO GAMES (pc and console), building computers, building in general, camping, trap shooting, ARCHERY and to many other things that I’m not going to list right now.

side note: open to any video game challengers (as long as they aren’t 2k or fifa)

I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you. Feel free to stop in anytime my door is open, ask me questions, hangout or just stop by and say hi.

If you don’t see me and have questions feel free to email me at my school email: Hirschch@uwplatt.edu, you can also call me at 608.342.2811.

Thank you

Chris Hirsch              RA Morrow Hall, 4 West, Rm:409


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