Pool Sharks


Fun night for some of the residents of 4 West playing pool tonight. We played regular 8-ball pool, with three players on each team, as well as a unique pool game where there are two balls put by each pocket, and three in the middle. In the latter game, each player tries to make as many balls as possible without not making a ball or scratching. I have to admit, it is kind of addicting.


Halloween Football


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to come home with grass stains. Thanks to everyone who came out to play some football; it was a great time! Even when it’s cold outside, there’s always something physical you can do, whether its bundling up for outside (unless it is really cold) or going to the PAC. Remember to stay healthy in between studying for classes!

Pioneer Provisions

20171017_214542As part of Morrow Works Week, we went over to Pioneer Provisions to volunteer. Pioneer Provisions, or P^2, is located on the west side of G.W.A.M. and is open every Tuesday. This space allows students who may be in need of food to grab what they need at no charge whatsoever. Today, Morrow Hall volunteers stacked the shelves with food from the Food Fight during Homecoming week. If you haven’t tried volunteering, P^2 would be a great place, otherwise there are many other opportunities around campus. It feels great to volunteer, so give it a try and you’ll probably enjoy it. Tomorrow, Morrow Hall is helping out at the campus garden, so come join us!