New Season, New You?


In case you’re feeling that need to get into shape for Spring, here are some exercises to keep in mind if you’re going to the gym (and some for if you’re not). Whether you’re looking to get that beach bod, or just trying to get moving so you’re not huffing and puffing while playing sand volleyball, these are some good arm, leg, chest, and core exercises to try!


Resume Workshop


Learned a lot last night at the resume workshop put on by Abby’s (2 West RA) professor, Enrique Reynoso. Thanks to Grant and Michael for joining me there, I hope you both learned a bit as well. No matter what your year in college is, it’s always good to either create a resume or constantly update it. Go out and get those jobs! Photo credit to Wyatt (Ground Floor RA) by the way.

Ice Skating in the MPSC


Thanks to Will, Liam, and all of the other Morrow residents that came to CPR’s ice-skating event. I will say I was not the greatest skater out there (peep Donny in the background here, the true ice master). This was definitely a great way to get up and moving during these winter months. It’s starting to warm up and spring is around the corner, but until then, make sure to find a way to stay up and active!

Boxes and Walls


Thanks to Grant, Garrett, and Michael for going to the Boxes and Walls event with me tonight. There is one more night that it will be open again this year (it only comes around once every couple years), and that night is February 13th, next Tuesday. It is located in Southwest Hall (they’ll have a person at the door to let you in). It is quite the eye-opening experience in terms of diversity and looking at the world, thus I would recommend it to anyone.