Game Night


Had a great time tonight playing spoons, B.S., chase the ace, yahtzee, ping pong, and strategic chase the ace. Thanks to all of those who came down to play; Garrett, Michael, Ryan, Ben, Grant, Ty, Sean, Christian, and honorary 4 West-er, Amber.


Cards/Ping Pong

Cards Night

Had a lot of fun playing cards last night (Spoons, B.S., and Garbage (beginner’s luck for me)). Also, ping pong for an hour and a half is actually a decent exercise I found out, and much fun as well! I’m hoping to get the wing together next Thursday night for a game night, by the way. Also, please don’t judge my love of parentheses.

Bowling Bash


Great time tonight at the bowling alley! We had 10 guys from 4 West (Noah O., Noah J., Ryan, Grant, Kyler, Liam, Christian, Kian, Ty, and myself), plus an honorary 4 West member, Amber (from 3E). It was $5 for unlimited bowling from 6pm-midnight, and I think we ended up bowling four games, while Kian bowled 5. Looking forward to more of these wing get-togethers this semester.

Pool Sharks


Fun night for some of the residents of 4 West playing pool tonight. We played regular 8-ball pool, with three players on each team, as well as a unique pool game where there are two balls put by each pocket, and three in the middle. In the latter game, each player tries to make as many balls as possible without not making a ball or scratching. I have to admit, it is kind of addicting.