Autism Spectrum Board


Stop by the new bulletin board about the Autism Spectrum to learn more about what it is and how to better communicate with or help those who may have it.


Boxes and Walls


Thanks to Grant, Garrett, and Michael for going to the Boxes and Walls event with me tonight. There is one more night that it will be open again this year (it only comes around once every couple years), and that night is February 13th, next Tuesday. It is located in Southwest Hall (they’ll have a person at the door to let you in). It is quite the eye-opening experience in terms of diversity and looking at the world, thus I would recommend it to anyone.

World Religions B.B.


Check out the new bulletin board to learn about some of the most prominent religions of the world. Whether you belong to one of the religions or not, it is still fun to learn about others and maybe understand them just a little more, which is always a good thing. Without understanding, the world could fall into indifference, which is a dangerous subject if you ask Elie Wiesel. Look up his speech if you want to learn more about him.