We all had a fantastic time at the GLACURH conference this weekend. AKA Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. There were 7 delegates from UW-Platteville that attended, including 5 from Morrow Hall, including 3 from 4 West. We gained more insight on what it means to be a leader and how we can be better ones. We also got to meet sooooo many different people from over 40 different schools. Each pin seen around our necks represents a delegate from a different school. This is a picture from the picture scavenger hunt. I thought we made great store mannequins.


Pioneer Provisions

20171017_214542As part of Morrow Works Week, we went over to Pioneer Provisions to volunteer. Pioneer Provisions, or P^2, is located on the west side of G.W.A.M. and is open every Tuesday. This space allows students who may be in need of food to grab what they need at no charge whatsoever. Today, Morrow Hall volunteers stacked the shelves with food from the Food Fight during Homecoming week. If you haven’t tried volunteering, P^2 would be a great place, otherwise there are many other opportunities around campus. It feels great to volunteer, so give it a try and you’ll probably enjoy it. Tomorrow, Morrow Hall is helping out at the campus garden, so come join us!

Jenny’s Wedding

Last Wednesday we put on a program for pride week by showing Jenny’s Wedding. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from this movie and it showed me a side of the LGBT community that I wasn’t expecting. This movie is predominantly about the parents and family of Jenny who struggled to come out to them. When she finally decides to tell them her parents reject her and the rest of the movie is about their struggle of accepting her and finally realizing that she is their daughter regardless of how she feels. Overall, this was a great movie that presented a side of an LGBT person’s life that is often not shown.

Favorite Color

This board has a list of colors and what they say about you. Now these colors are by no means exactly what your personality might be like but it is interesting to see if there is any correlation. The colors appearing on this board are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, and grey. I hope you all find this experience fun and interesting and that it tells you a little about yourself.

Stan Pearson

The other day we went to here Stan Pearson speak and he was amazing. He is a huge advocate for for finding your inner “sexy”. This basically means being ok with who you are as a person both inside and out.

His main talking points for us were building confidence in yourself from the bottom up and he used a great metaphor to explain this. His metaphor is that you need support in your life to make it through a lot of things and many people are trying to build skyscraper lives on a foundation of a five story house which isn’t possible. He says if you want a skyscraper life you will need skyscraper support. Overall he was a great speaker who really taught us a lot about finding our “sexy”.