Flannel and FlapJacks

Thanks everyone for heading out to Dobson on Friday night for our Flannel and FlapJacks event. Hope you enjoyed the video games, board games and of course the pancakes. Be on the look out for more Friday night club events and be sure to come out next time.


Pokemon Battling

After learning about alcohol we moved into some pokemon battling. We all had some fun as we tried to use our teams to win. My team was victorious in the first battle. The second battle was between Sean and Kian and they had a battle that came down to the very last move. We all had a really great time playing some great battles.

DBZ Abridged

After we were done playing Quidditch we came back inside where I convinced some people to watch Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Everyone really enjoyed the parody and I may have gotten them hooked to watch more of the series later. In just the last few days I have heard a lot of them quoting it and laughing at the great moments throughout.

Wing Dinner

A little while back now my wing had a great time at GWAM for dinner. There was a wide range of topics discussed, such as: Dragon Ball Z, League of Legends, and Freedom! Everyone had a great time and some mediocre food but it all ended up going well for the 6 members of my wing that attended and a few others from other wings and halls.

Stand Up Saturday

On Saturday night a few of the members of 4 West attended Stand Up Saturday. Those that went included Ryan, Nic, Jeremy, and Matt. First we went to the Haus for food and then we stayed for the comedy. Everyone that went seemed to have a pretty great time and enjoyed the jokes that were had (even the ones at our own expense). Overall, it was a fantastic time!

Rock Band!

My guys and I had a great time a few days ago playing Rockband! Our group was playing for close to two hours and at the most there were about 8 people in there rotating. It was a great time and they all decided that we should do this as a group again sometime. As you can plainly see from the picture, it rocks to be on 4 West!