4 West Game Night


Unfortunately, I was not able to grab a picture from tonight’s game night (As I was wrapped up in learning the challenges of Magic the Gathering), but here is a run down of what went on tonight. We had a great time in the cave, with ping pong, Magic, Catchphrase, and snacks (lots of popcorn). Grant also brought a game where you throw sticks at other sticks, trying to knock them over. I didn’t get a chance to play, but it looked fun!


Pioneer Provisions

20171017_214542As part of Morrow Works Week, we went over to Pioneer Provisions to volunteer. Pioneer Provisions, or P^2, is located on the west side of G.W.A.M. and is open every Tuesday. This space allows students who may be in need of food to grab what they need at no charge whatsoever. Today, Morrow Hall volunteers stacked the shelves with food from the Food Fight during Homecoming week. If you haven’t tried volunteering, P^2 would be a great place, otherwise there are many other opportunities around campus. It feels great to volunteer, so give it a try and you’ll probably enjoy it. Tomorrow, Morrow Hall is helping out at the campus garden, so come join us!

Yell Like Hell

IMG_20171011_225041_018Yell Like Hell was super fun!¬†Morrow Hall’s section had a lot of great cheers and we got to watch the men’s soccer team win in overtime! It’s fortunate that this event occurs around midterm exams because sometimes you just have to yell the stress of classes away. Going to an athletic event in general is a good way to relieve that stress because you can yell and cheer, turning that negative stress energy into positive excitement. Good luck on any exams coming up!

Peterson Farm Bros.

20171008_195208.jpgFive of us from 4 West, along with 15 others from Morrow Hall, went to watch a presentation put on by a Peterson Farm brother. You may recognize this group as the one that made the parody “I’m Farming and I Grow It.” At this presentation, we learned about the importance of agriculture for the rest of the world, as well as the fact that any one of us can make a difference in what we’re passionate about.