Muddy Catch


Had a lot of fun playing catch with Hayden, Garrett, and Will yesterday afternoon. Maybe with that little extra practice we’ll be a bit more of a challenge to our Thursday night opponent. Also learned that stretching before Thursday may be necessary in order to perform best… and not be sore afterwards. By the way, it was a little muddy out there yesterday, and this picture was even after I cleaned them off in the snow. Definitely feeling like (playoff) football weather.


Intramural Football


It was really fun to play at UW-Platteville’s football stadium during 4 West’s first intramural football game last night. Even though we didn’t get the W, it was definitely a great exercise, as only 7 (the minimum) guys could make it last night. Hopefully not as many will be busy next week so we can get a couple breather breaks. Looking forward to the next few games!